Family warns of suspected drug-laced popsicles

Not Drug-laced popsicle makes local teenager violently ill, family says

ATLANTA — A Sandy Springs family claims their daughter became violently ill after eating a drug-laced popsicle in Roswell.

Roswell Police confirm they are now investigating that possibility.

Mario White told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik that he, his wife and their 17-year-old daughter were traveling on Highway 9 near Mansell Road on Friday when they spotted a man pushing an ice cream cart.

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“It was hot. We was stuck in traffic. My wife was like, 'Hey, let’s stop and get an icy,'” said White. “We all got a popsicle, whatever flavors we wanted.”


The girl’s mother, Michelle Gayle, told Petchenik that her daughter wanted pineapple. But the vendor steered her to try a mango treat instead.

Within minutes, Gayle said her daughter’s demeanor completely changed.

“She kept holding her mouth open and she couldn’t talk properly,” she said. “Her eyes were just wide open and she wasn’t blinking.”

After the couple said their daughter starting vomiting and was lethargic, they rushed her to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite where they showed Petchenik test results that revealed their daughter had overdosed on “opiates,” drugs typically found in powerful painkillers.

“I was like, 'What the hell you talking about?’" White said. “No, my daughter don’t do drugs.”

Gayle said she, too, was very concerned.



“I was confused,” she said. “I was like, 'What is that and where did she get it from?'”

The couple told Petchenik that their daughter was with them the entire time and never ingested anything else, so they are convinced the drugs were in the popsicle they purchased from the street vendor.

“He could have killed her. She could have aspirated on her own vomit,” said Gayle. “I definitely hope that whoever is behind it is prosecuted.”

Petchenik learned about the incident from a Roswell police report, and investigators confirm they are looking into the possibility, but have not yet confirmed the link.

“This might not only happen to our daughter, but it could be happening now,” said White. “Who knows?”