Family wants justice for teens killed in trooper-involved crash

Family wants justice for teens killed in trooper-involved crash
Posters read “Unite to Indict” and “Give Them the Justice They Deserve” outside of the Carroll County Courthouse Friday.
Family and friends of Isabella Chinchilla, 16, and Kylie Lindsey, 17, spent the afternoon petitioning for justice for the girls. 
“It’s not fair,” said Chinchilla family friend Mayris Tatum. “It’s not fair for this to happen to them and nothing happen to him.”
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Former state Trooper AJ Scott was at the wheel of his patrol car, going 90 miles per hour on Highway 27 when he crashed into the car Chinchilla and Lindsey were riding in.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — The girls were killed and two male passengers were injured in the September 2015 crash.

“Ninety miles per hour on a road that he patrolled for nearly four years and he knew the intersection was dangerous is not an excuse,” said Lindsey’s grandfather, Larry Strickland.
A Chinchilla family representative noted numerous other crashes at the intersection of Highway 27 and Holly Springs Drive, yet it remains unchanged.
“That lack of light is like it was right now. So someone could run through that intersection tonight. Your child could run through that intersection tonight and be in that same situation,” the representative said.

Scott spoke for the first time to Channel 2 Action News Thursday, one day after a grand jury cleared him of a possible indictment.

"There's no words to describe how sorry I feel and if I can ever be of service to any of them, I'm here,” said Scott. “And I'll do whatever they need."

Strickland said he was offended when he heard Scott’s statement to the families.

“If he was much of a man, he would man up and say, ‘I'm at fault. I messed up and I'm willing to do my time,’” said Strickland.

Family and friends said they would like for the facts to be resubmitted to another grand jury.