• Family upset over condition of cemetery


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Fulton County family told Channel 2 Action News they are outraged by the conditions at a cemetery where their mother is buried.

    The family showed Channel 2's Rachel Stockman how they have to walk through brush and over dead trees just to get to her plot.

    The president of the cemetery told her it's up to the families to keep the site maintained.

    "A dog's funeral home, animals' funeral home looks better than this," said Kim Griffin Green about her mother's burial plot.

    Shirley Ann Griffin Hardeman died in the 1970s, when all of her children were under the age of 13.

    Sunday, family members laid flowers by Griffin Hardeman's grave but wondered if future generations would ever find her.

    "The path way to walk up here is unsafe. We don't know what's in the kudzu, snakes or animals or anything that is out here," Griffin Green said.

    The president of Southview Cemetery told Stockman that decades ago, the government and the cemetery had a contract where people who didn't have enough money were allowed to bury for a small fee but that fee didn't include perpetual care.

    "I am pretty sure when they said plot, they meant my mother's grave. This is forest. I am pretty sure they didn't know they were taking care of forests," Griffin Green said.

    "If you look at the road, you can't get in. That's got to be their responsibility," Lawrence Hardeman said.

    And it's not just the Hardemans' family that are affected. Graves all over the area are behind brush, including a World War I veteran.

    "It's more or less like these people were thrown away, the forgotten ones. But our mother is not forgotten. Her name is Shirley Ann Griffin Hardeman. She was loved and she is loved," Griffin Green said.

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