• Family upset after first grader allegedly assaulted by fifth grade student

    By: Chris Patterson


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - Henry County parents are upset after a fifth-grade girl allegedly beat up their first-grade daughter inside a bathroom at Oakland Elementary School.

    The victim's father, Jeremy Tackett, got a text message with pictures of his daughter's bruised face and rushed home to Henry County to find out what happened.

    He found out a fifth-grade student was arrested for allegedly assaulting his 6-year-old girl, Lanira.

    The Tacketts say the fifth-grade student lured their 6-year-old daughter into a bathroom, then locked the door before beginning her alleged assault Thursday morning.

    "All she can think about is what happened to her. She has the images of the girl choking her," Jeremy Tackett said.

    According to the family, they reported this fifth-grade student for bullying the Friday before the attack and believe their complaints went ignored by school officials.

    A spokesperson for Henry County Schools says the district is investigating and it would never tolerate an incident that would jeopardize student safety.

    "My daughter was threatened that if she got off the bus, she would be beaten up on the bus and she was afraid to get off the bus and my wife actually had to get on the bus and get her," Jeremy Tackett said.

    Both parents believe the district could have prevented this attack.

    The Tacketts told Channel 2's Matt Johnson they plan to take all five of their children out of the Henry County Public School District.

    The Henry County Sheriff says the 11-year-old faces false imprisonment, battery and aggravated assault charges.

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