Family suing apartment complex with violent history after son killed in shooting

There are new safety concerns at a Clayton County apartment complex where a deadly shooting happened last weekend.
Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri talked to a family who lost their son in a shooting two years ago is suing the complex.
The suit alleges negligence by the Bradford Ridge Apartments to provide security for neighbors after the 2013 shooting of a 13-year-old boy there.
Saturday night, police were at the complex again after a man was shot and later died in the parking lot in what's described as a robbery.
Steven Diaz was shot to death in July of 2013 during a robbery attempt at the complex. The family has since filed a lawsuit against Bradford Ridge alleging negligence for failing to provide adequate security.
“They fired shots and as Steven was trying to run away, he was hit and died in Samaria's arms,” said Jeff Shiver, the family’s attorney at Shiver Hamilton. “The law is that you must act on the crimes that you know about, take reasonable steps that are available to you to try to deter and prevent those crimes from occurring in future.”
Shiver says there is a pattern of criminal activity at the complex.
Saturday night Clayton County police say someone shot and killed Florencio Mendez in an apparent robbery as he and roommates walked home.
Mendez' roommate told Vitieri he doesn't know if he feels safe. He was also hurt in the attack Saturday.
Viteri called the complex and property management company Jamco, and went in person Friday when a representative told her they can't comment on the lawsuit.
Shiver says the complex had only one courtesy officer, who patrolled twice in 24 hours.
“If you know that people are coming onto the property and are robbing your tenants, you ought to do something about it,” Shiver said.
“What's gone on in the past and recent here, I think it's a real big concern. And yes, I do think we need more security,” said resident Kasiem Abernathy.
The suit alleges the apartments were negligently secured, patrolled and managed in spite of crime concerns.
Again, management company officials told Viteri they are aware of this lawsuit but can't comment.