Family shares home video of Tripp Halstead

ATLANTA — For the first time since his accident, Tripp Halstead's family is sharing home movies of Tripp before he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The 2-year-old boy was hit by a fallen tree limb at the peak of Hurricane Sandy.

The video showed Tripp's parents, Bill and Stacy Halstead, unveiling a new painted bedroom for Tripp.

"Bill did all of this today. He turned my baby's room into a big boy room," Stacy Halstead said on the video.

It was a big surprise Tripp.

The Halstead's told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh they wanted people to get to know the little boy who has captured so many hearts.

The video was shot on Oct. 19. Tripp had just turned 2-years-old a month before. Ten days later, an accident changed the young family's lives. Winds from Hurricane Sandy snapped a tree limb that struck Tripp's head.

Tripp has been fighting to recover for nearly three weeks at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egelston.

"He's such an animated kid. He just got so excited about everything he did," Stacy Halstead said. "He was just so excited and right now he has zero expression."

But the Halsteads had many encouraging signs this week. Tripp is breathing on his own. He is moving his eyes. And they hope he can begin rehab at Scottish Rite beginning Tuesday.

For now, the Halstead's are sharing a different kind of room with Tripp. His newly renovated bedroom will be waiting for him when he gets back home.

The Halsteads said this has been the best week for them and Tripp so far. But they are getting used to the roller -coaster ride, taking one step forward and two steps back.

They told Kavanaugh they have their fingers crossed for a good weekend.