DA tries 3rd time to bring charges in deadly trooper-involved crash

A state trooper crashed into a car and two teenage girls died.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — The families of two teenage girls who were killed in a crash involving a state trooper believe they are getting a third chance at justice.

Kylie Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Chincilla, 16, were in the back seat of a Nissan that collided with the trooper's vehicle on Highway 27 in Carroll County in 2015.

The Georgia State Patrol said the car turned in front of the trooper at Holly Springs Road.

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Authorities said Georgia State Patrol Trooper Anthony Scott, 26, was driving 90 mph in a 55 mph zone just seconds before the crash. GSP said his cruiser was going about 65 mph when it hit the car.

“Losing your children so tragically and so senselessly because an officer, who is sworn to serve and protect, broke the law and decided to go 91 miles an hour,” said Chinchilla’s aunt, Tracy Tatum.

Scott was fired by GSP following the crash.

Two attempts to charge the trooper have fallen through, but the victims’ families said the district attorney will take the case back to a grand jury for a third and final time.

“We are praying that this time we’ll get justice for our girls,” Tatum said.

Scott’s attorney said his speeding was not the only factor in the crash.

“The actions of the other driver, the conditions of the highway, the intersection itself,” attorney Mac Pilgrim said.

The victims’ families hope the third time will be the charm in getting justice.

“Please listen to the facts of this case and do what the right thing is for our girls,” Tatum said.

It is not yet clear what charges the district attorney will be going for. We expect to learn more later this month.