Family feels they're being forced out of their home due to noise complaints

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County family told Channel 2 Action News they've been fined hundreds of dollars by their Homeowners Association because of their toddler.

Shinae Inamori told Channel 2's Carl Willis her 2-year-old's instincts have been met with noise violations and fines.

Inamori said it's to the point where she said her family feels they're being bullied by the HOA at the Wedgewood Condos in Tucker.

She said the first fine was $25.

"The second one was $50 and then we got a third violation that was $25 per day until the noise stops which clearly hasn't because we live here and she's a toddler who plays," she said.

Inamori said she's lived in this condo for six years and said the complaints only started when little Ayame, who is now 2, started walking. She said she's tried to get control of that pitter patter.

"As much as we try, she doesn't understand. She just want to be a kid," Inamori said.


It turns out that the downstairs neighbor is also the HOA president.

Willis went to talk to her to see if there is a compromise. The neighbor claimed the running and the noise goes on for hours.

She said she understands kids play but said this seems nonstop.

However, she did say she would rescind the fines if the family upstairs can quiet down.

Inamori said this speaks to a bigger issue that touches many more families.

"Condos bring in young couples or older couples. Not so many families. Not many of them are families. There's no rules against families or kids living on upstairs floors. We definitely feel like we're being pushed out," Inamori said.