• Family: Bank is 'heartless' for foreclosing on dead woman's home

    By: Rachel Stockman


    ATLANTA - The family of a murdered woman is calling a local bank “heartless” after the bank filed foreclosure on the dead woman’s home.
    “I’ve had so many things ripped away from me,” said Stacey White.
    Her sister, Bridgette Holt, was murdered by her ex-husband, who later took his own life in midtown Atlanta in November 2013. Holt was on her way into work when she was killed.
    “We offered to pay, they don't want it, it is too late,” White said about the home.
    White said the family believed Bridgette Holt’s Hampton home was paid off upon her death, but to be sure they told the bank to forward all correspondence to a new address.
    “Not saying that they didn’t do their job and send out the paperwork, they sent it to the wrong place,” said White, who added it is not clear how the bank got the wrong address.
    “The first thing I knew about the house going into foreclosure was the letter from the attorney, not from SunTrust,” White said.
    According to paperwork from the bank’s attorney, they have until Nov. 1 to get out of the home.
    “Honestly, I just feel that SunTrust is very coldhearted and heartless. They know the situation, we are not asking them to give us anything, we are willing to pay for it,” White said.
    In a statement, a SunTrust spokesperson said, “We will decline to comment on a specific client relationship however, we always view foreclosure as an action of last resort.”
    A spokesperson for SunTrust also said one of his colleagues in the mortgage area will be reaching out to the family directly to discuss the matter.

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