Eyes on the roads! You may be more likely to hit a deer during this time of year

Deer mating season lasts through December

Drivers will want to pay closer attention out on the roads for the rest of the year.

Right now, Georgia is in peak deer season and more specifically, it's peak breeding season.

With more deer on the move, the chances of you hitting one with your car are much higher.

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"Because deer are moving around a lot more, bucks chasing does around and that puts them crossing the road a lot more," said state deer biologist Charlie Killmaster.

The Department of Natural Resource's state deer biologist also blames these shorter days.

"It puts commuters on the road when deer are most active at dawn and dusk, and so you're adding that breeding season and time change when people are commuting," Killmaster said.

Killmaster said the most dangerous place is on major roads.

"And the most dangerous places are interstates, highways and major roads where woods like this that come up right next to the road, where deer could be hiding. And if you see one, slow down, stay alert because there's likely another one following," Killmaster said.


Killmaster has this piece of advice for drivers: If you think you're going to hit a deer and can't stop, don't swerve to avoid it, where you could end up losing control.

"That's all you can do is brake. If you swerve, you hit a tree, another vehicle, something a lot less forgiving than a deer and make the accident that much worse," Killmaster said.

Drivers are urged to stay cautious because breeding season can last a few more weeks into early December.