• Extra troopers on I-75 cracking down on speeders


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - It's been exactly one year since the Georgia State Patrol added a fleet of troopers on Interstate-75 in Cobb County and Interstate-85 in Gwinnett County.

    Troopers said they're focused on helping drivers and clear accidents faster on I-75.

    "We respond to anywhere from five to 10 on a day like this we've been all over the place multiple troopers on one crash," said Trooper John Trawick.

    Trawick said a single wreck or a break down can cause a crippling ripple effect on traffic. The longer traffic is blocked, the more time and money it costs everyone. That's why the Georgia Department of Transportation gave the Department of Public Safety $9 million in Nov. 2012 to put extra troopers out on the roads.

    "What they're trying to do is make that more efficient on our part getting the crash times down so we reduce that in the dollar amount, not to mention people's patience out on the road being stuck in traffic," Trawick said.

    At any given time, 14 troopers are out on I-75 in Cobb County and over the past year, they have seen a difference and the numbers prove it.

    Troopers made nearly 40,000 vehicle stops since this time last year. Before that, it was just over 3,000. They responded to more than 2,700 crashes compared to 149 the year before. And they've also helped get more drunk drivers off the road 100 in the past year, compared with just 18 the year before.

    Drivers said they appreciate the extra presence and they have noticed especially with slowing everyone down.

    "You get used to seeing it, but when the speed limit is 55, you shouldn't be going 80," said one driver.

    There is another set of troopers in Gwinnett County as well.

    The grant that pays for the extra troopers is for five years, so it should continue for four more.

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