Exclusive: Majority of Georgia Republicans support growing medical marijuana

ATLANTA — An exclusive poll released by Channel 2 Action News shows more than 60 percent of Georgia Republican voters support the growing of medical cannabis within Georgia borders. Medical marijuana is legal to use in Georgia but not legal to grow, forcing users to illegally bring it over state lines.
Governor Nathan Deal, who okayed the possession of cannabis oil in Georgia, says the state is not ready for the next step.
Almost 7 out of 10 Republican voters surveyed in an exclusive poll disagreed setting up quite a showdown.   
Every voter Channel 2's Lori Geary talked to says Georgia should allow the growing of medical marijuana for patients who need it. In Channel 2 Action News' poll, we asked 800 Georgia Republican primary voters: Should lawmakers permit medical marijuana to be grow in, in a limited number of state licensed facilities, so that medical patients with proper prescriptions can access it? 
Sixty six percent said they support it, 28 percent oppose.
State Rep. Allen Peake, who pushed Georgia's medical marijuana law through so that some patients could possess cannabis oil, is ready for the next fight. He says his colleagues need to realize because there's no access to it in Georgia. Patients must travel to other states to bring it back.
They risk getting arrested because they're breaking federal law. 
"I believe we can make a compelling argument like Minnesota, which has limited licenses, very restricted, very regulated, a model that can work in Georgia," Peake said.
Many in law enforcement disagree and several religious groups, including the Southern Baptist Convention.
"Our concern is cultivation.  We've seen that used in other states that can lead to recreational marijuana," said Mike Griffin, with the  Southern Baptist Convention.
Peake says he's optimistic he can get a vote on the House floor but knows he faces a tough fight in the state Senate.