EXCLUSIVE: Attorney speaks about Katt Williams fight

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — A viral video shows comedian Katt Williams allegedly punching a Hall County teenager, and his attorney is spoke exclusively with Channel 2 Action News.

Despite a new investigation by police into this fight, Attorney Drew Findling doesn't believe Williams will face criminal charges.

"You see Katt Williams just sit down and say like 'leave me alone', and you hear his kid trying to bring it on," Findling said.

Gainsville police are interviewing witnesses to the alleged assault where Katt Williams is seen punching a teenager in the Melrose Place Housing projects.

Findling says his client had spend more than half a day playing soccer, giving out money and encouraging children right in front of a police officer.

Findling says one teenager kept picking at Williams, leading to the fight seen on several social media websites.

"When you have somebody who's clearly targeted and somebody who's in their face and pushing them and pushing them. Nobody can put themselves in that scenario," Findling said.

The teen allegedly involved in the fight told a blog reporter Williams asked him to hit him.

"It really doesn't make any sense to me and it seems to be completely inconsistent with the video footage that's there," Findling said.

Findling, who says his biggest concern is Williams giving of himself and being taken advantage of, says he doubts charges will be pressed when police review the whole scenario.

Gainsville police confirmed no one ever filed a report about the incident, but because of the viral video, they've launched their own investigation.

Williams is currently out on bail for several other criminal charges.