• Ethics complaints piling up against DeKalb County officials


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga - The ethics complaints are piling up against DeKalb County elected officials.

    Channel 2’s Erica Byfield learned the county's interim CEO is the focus of one recent complaint.

    An ethics complaint said that May over stepped his authority by calling for the creation of an Ethics Board Chief Integrity Officer.

    The citizen who filed that complaint believes May is interfering with the board.

    "The CEO (made it) absolutely clear that he has done nothing wrong as it pertains to the Ethics Board," said DeKalb County spokesperson Burke Brennan.

    Byfield also spoke to Commissioner Jeff Rader who is being forced to answer questions about his past.

    "I think it is baseless and obviously the Ethics Board has to take complaints and they have to review it," Rader said.

    Rader has served as a DeKalb County commissioner since 2007 and the ethics complaint filed against him on July , goes back that far.

    A concerned citizen has questions about his public role and the one he had with his former employer, Jacobs Engineering.

    Rader confirmed the company let him go last year.

    The citizen alleges that, while on the board, Rader "willfully and knowingly influenced the outcome of the votes on various contracts for his employer."

    Rader told Byfield that is not true.

    "When I came into the office, I worked for Jacobs so I knew that presented the potential for conflict. I asked the Ethics Board then for an advisory opinion," he said.

    Byfield obtained a copy of their report from 2007.

    The board told him, as long as he didn't vote or discuss contracts or projects related to Jacobs Engineering, he should not be disqualified.

    The citizen who filed the complaint against Rader declined Channel 2’s request for an interview.

    Rader and May think the Ethics Board will rule in their favor.

    The board is scheduled to meet on Aug. 14.

    Byfield learned there is always a possibility they could call for a special meeting before that date.

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    Ethics complaints piling up against DeKalb County officials