• Employees report wet carpets, rats in county office building

    By: Ashley Swann


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - From rats to wet carpet, some local government workers tell say conditions inside their office building are unacceptable, and they're sharing photos to prove it.

    Channel 2's Ashley Swann spoke with Fulton County government leaders and asked how they are responding to these conditions.

    Last year, the tax assessor's office was shut down due to a mold outbreak. Now, employees are also reporting problems.

    Included in the problems are water-damaged and broken ceiling tires, water-soaked carpet, and rats hanging out by the computers.

    The employees said they have serious health concerns over the issues, which they say have been going on for years. The workplace is located in the same 600,000-square-foot Fulton County government center where officials shut down another office last year due to flood damage and mold.

    Fulton County Facilities Director David Ricks addressed these problems.

    "These are definitely concerns with us, and we definitely want to address those as quickly as possible," said Ricks.

    Ricks admits there are serious water issues within the building and says they have spent more than $1 million since 2007 on water intrusion problems and have allocated even more for long-term repairs to start next year.

    "With the resources we have allocated, we do the best that we can. But it's an ongoing challenge," said Ricks.

    Ricks also says he believes the open offices in the building are safe and encourages any employees with concerns to bring them directly to him.

    "I value any type of feedback from anyone who works in this building, because if it's sensitive to them, it's sensitive to me," Ricks claims.

    Channel 2's Ashley Swann received a phone call from an employee who still does not believe her concerns are being taken seriously.

    Ricks says that they test for mold inside the building regularly and that he's doing the best with the resources he has.

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