• Duluth man rams truck into restaurant

    By: Erica Byfield


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Police said a drunk Duluth man rammed his truck into the patio of a popular restaurant, narrowly missing people sitting outside.

    Norcross police arrested Michael Tsilimos outside of the Tavern at Medlock for the crime.

    Investigators told Channel 2's Erica Byfield Tsilimos was familiar with the restaurant and workers kicked him out earlier in the evening for being loud and unruly.

    Police said when Tsilimos left, he did not go home; instead he hit a car in the nearby Burger King parking lot.

    Minutes later, a Norcross officer attempted to catch up with him.

    "The driver of the car just stopped in the middle of the roadway, which is strange and you can't do that; did a U-turn in front of the officer and tried to speed away," Norcross police Sgt. Bill Gorgan said.

    Eventually, Tsilimos drove his truck over a curb, down a hill, across a parking lot, stopped and yelled at people on the Tavern at Medlock patio, and then gunned his car one more time before smashing into the fence surrounding the patio.

    "I think he purposely intended to cause harm to people here. He was definitely under the influence of something because he was absolutely crazy, he was screaming and shouting and totally out of control," said Tavern at Medlock owner Stephen Clark.

    Tsilimos is facing 18 charges, including DUI, police said.

    Channel 2 also learned Tsilimos was arrested on Dec. 12 by Gwinnett County police for disorderly conduct.

    The police report associated with that arrest said Tsilimos was yelling and rocking back and forth at a FedEX store. He eventually told an officer he is "bipolar and was not on any medication."

    Tsilimos is out on bond.

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