• Drivers report Honda CR-Vs locking unintentionally

    By: Jim Strickland


    ATLANTA - Owners of a popular SUV are complaining their doors have minds of their own.  Drivers report the doors lock by themselves and refuse to open, even with a second key.
    A Henry County woman emailed Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland saying it happened to her. Amanda Morrison said she wanted to warm up her 2007 Honda CR-V before leaving home with her son. 

    She was about to climb in with her son.

    "And then, I closed the door so I could go get him, and after I came back out, the spare key wouldn't unlock it," she said.
    No tow service would bring the car to her Honda dealer because it was still running.  A locksmith took two hours and charged $175.
    Morrison showed Strickland how pushing the unlock button results in an instant relock.  It happened repeatedly as Strickland's photographer recorded the incident on video.
    "It's very frustrating.  It's a safety issue, too.  If we get locked in the car, if there's a fire or what, we can't get out on time," Morrison said.
    On the government's safercar.gov website, Strickland found dozens of complaints, including five this month.
    "They should at least recall them and help people fix it," Morrison said.
    Regulators don't even have an investigation going and didn't call back to say why.  Morrison's dealer wanted to charge $400 per door to fix the problem.
    "We hadn't had any problems. Honda's always been helpful. They're not helpful at all.  They don't want to pay for the repairs," said Morrison.
    Honda’s Atlanta spokeswoman Sara Pines told Strickland the company will work with Morrison to come up with a satisfactory resolution.

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