Driver in Halloween costume accused of hit-and-run

ATLANTA — A local woman wants to know who damaged her sister's car in a wild hit-and-run crash in southeast Atlanta. Surveillance video shows the car nearly flipped when it hit a Mercedes Benz parked on the street.

Video shows the driver getting out to inspect damage after the crash, and a photo taken by a neighbor shows the woman was wearing a costume from the movie "Beetlejuice".

Three minutes later in the video, two other costumed men showed up to help the driver.

The men helped push the woman's car off the parked Mercedes.

Rob Fitzgerald arrived at his home on Waldo Street in Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood two minutes after the crash and took pictures.

"Somebody had their car parked out here, did nothing wrong and now they have thousands of dollars' worth of damage," Fitzgerald said.

That somebody is Hillary Meador.

"I'm pretty upset emotionally that someone would do this, behave like that, and that I'm going to lose this car," Meador said.

Meador fears her 11-year-old Mercedes is totaled and blames the driver for taking off.

"Even if she had driven off she could have left a note," she said.

She was visiting her sister for the weekend and both women think the costumes shouldn't mask the fact this could have been much worse.

Neighbors suspect alcohol was a factor and that the group all came from the same party.

The neighbor's photo captured a license plate number. That photo has been turned over to police.