Driver charged in crash involving HERO unit

Police are investigating an accident involving a HERO unit on Interstate 20 early Sunday morning.
Police say the driver of an Audi SUV was distracted and driving at a high rate of speed when it slammed into the HERO unit and a Lexus SUV around 4 a.m.
The HERO unit was on the scene of a fatal accident at the intersection of Interstate 20 westbound and Interstate 285 southbound when the crash happened.
The HERO driver was not inside the unit at the time and police say no one was injured in that accident.
The driver of the Audi was charged with traffic violations at the scene.
Police say another driver, believed to be a friend of the Audi driver, pulled over to see what was going on. Police ended up arresting the friend for DUI.
One person was killed in the crash the HERO unit initially responded to. Police say it was a single-vehicle crash. The car was driving west on I-20 when it attempted to change lanes and left the road. The driver was ejected and died on the scene.