• Driver apologizes to family of Christian comedian hit, killed on I-285


    COVINGTON, Ga. - For the first time, we're hearing from the local driver who hit and killed a beloved comedian and Christian speaker as he stood along Interstate 285.

    Benjamin Head said hearing Lanny Moody's family say on Channel 2’s broadcast Wednesday night that they not only forgive him, but are praying for him meant the world.

    He said what happened along I-285 was a horrible accident that he will never get over and he wants Moody's family to know just how sorry he is.

    "I'm so blessed that they forgive me," Head said.

    They are words Head said he never expected to hear.

    "It was an accident. We don't have any harsh feelings towards this person," Head said.

    It was a heartfelt expression of forgiveness and love from the family of the 54-year-old who died Tuesday afternoon when Head hit him with his car as Moody stood along his 18 wheeler on I-285.

    “It happened so quickly, I can't explain it, it was just so quick. It was raining and I just, I couldn't see," Head said.

    Head called the accident the worst moment of his life.

    "I went into shock. I was hurt so bad, I didn't know what to do," Head said. "I got hurt in my heart, both ways for both of the families and I'm sorry. Sorry that ever happened to their family."

    Moody was a well-known Christian speaker and comedian in his Covington community. Photos and videos showed the devoted family man's larger than life personality.

    "It's just amazing the amount of people he's touched," said Moody’s daughter Carrie Kiplinger.

    Now, it's Moody's family who's touching others with love and forgiveness toward the man who forever changed their world.

    "It's strengthened my faith in people," Head said.

    "They are representing our Lord to the utmost, it's just amazing," said Head’s son, Pastor Montez Head.

    Head is charged with homicide by vehicle and failure to maintain his lane, both misdemeanors.

    He and his son have already spoken to Moody’s family and said they even hope to one day meet them to share their grief and apologize in person.

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