• Dozens urge Deal to reconsider medical marijuana stance


    ATLANTA - “I am so sorry that we can't do better.  That we can't bring you some relief,” Mike Hopkins said.

    An emotional Hopkins says he feels the pain of the families who have kids that suffer from seizure disorders and can't make the trek to Colorado to get cannabis oil.

    He told Channel 2 Action News his own daughter Micaela is improving since their move to Colorado in December.

    “She hugs us now, she loves us now. She holds our hands,” he said.

    Hopkins was one of dozens of parents at the state Capitol, urging Gov. Nathan Deal to reconsider his stance that Georgia is not ready to grow medical marijuana.

    Instead, he told Channel 2’s Lori Geari exclusively on Friday that he would offer Georgia families immunity from prosecution if they returned with the cannabis oil.

    The families Channel 2 Action News spoke to say they are not willing to take that risk. 

    “Well, you know when we received the oil in Colorado we signed a document saying we would not leave the state of Colorado with this medicine.  That makes it illegal to leave the state of Colorado,” he said.

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    “Maybe it's time for a little civil disobedience,” state Rep. Allen Peake said.

    Peake is the champion of the medical marijuana fight in Georgia.

    He had a family emergency but announced his bold plan to Channel 2 Action News by phone.

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    “I’m ready and willing to risk going to jail to be able to go get the product, (and) bring it back to Georgia so that these families can have access to it,” he said.

    For Mike and Kelly Hopkins other two special-needs children, it's too late.

    Both their son and daughter died last year.

    “My daughter Mary Elizabeth and Abe, who I know without a shadow of a doubt, if I could have gotten to Colorado, they would still be here today,” Mike Hopkins said.

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