Walmart worker gives away his shoes to homeless man

Walmart worker gives away his shoes to homeless man

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — A wonderful act of kindness from one Walmart worker is getting a lot of attention.

Phil Bravin Powell was working at the Lithia Springs Walmart on Thornton Road Friday afternoon when he gave away his shoes to a person in need.

Channel 2’s Kimberly Richardson spoke with Myrna Kines, who witnessed the entire exchange.

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“I just couldn’t believe it,” Kines said. “I walked up to the man he just gave his shoes away to and asked, ‘Did he just give you his shoes?’"


Kines went back inside the Walmart and was able to capture a picture of Powell and talk with him for a few minutes before heading home.

When Kines posted the story and picture on her Facebook page, Powell’s manager, Mike Kastensmidt, shared the post and explained what happened moments have he realized Powell didn’t have any shoes on.

Powell explained to Kastensmidt that he had been homeless for most of his life and knew how that man felt.

Kastensmidt took Powell back to Walmart’s shoe department and offered him any pair of shoes he wanted.

“He chose a $13.00 pair of slippers,” Kastensmidt said. “That's all he ‘needed’.”

Powell’s mother, Brenda Patterson, contacted Kines on Facebook and said her son has "a heart of gold."

Richardson also learned that Powell had those shoes made because his grandmother had breast cancer.

“That’s why his shoes were pink and white Converses,” Patterson said. "The same reason why he's wearing pink socks."

Kines says she will be contacting Walmart Corporate to tell them what an 'awesome employee they have.'