High school softball player hit by rock while swimming in hotel pool

A high school softball player from Indiana was celebrating a big win when someone threw a rock at her face.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — A high school softball player from Indiana was celebrating a big win at a Douglas County hotel when someone threw a rock at her face.

Megan Ekart, 16, pitched a winning game Saturday with her team from Sellersburg, Indiana, during the Atlanta Legacy Showcase softball tournament.

To celebrate, she and her team hit the pool at the Comfort Inn in Douglasville but the fun took a violent turn.

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"Someone threw a rock over the fence of the hotel and it hit me in the head. I felt something hit me and I blacked out and realized I was underwater," she said.

Ekart shared photos of the rock and what she looked like after she was hit. She was taken to the hospital and had to have 17 stitches in her head.

"I’m probably going to have scars on my face the rest of my life. I don’t understand what makes that enjoyable for someone to throw a rock and ruin someone’s life," Ekart said.


Douglasville police said there is surveillance video and they're reviewing it for leads.

Diane Mullinax works next door at the Days Inn. She said she watched as Douglasville police pulled surveillance video from her hotel Monday.

“I seen the guys running from the scene of the crime into a room,” Mullinax said. “I pulled the portfolios of the people in the room and gave the detective that information.”

She said she saw four guys running.

“I hope they get what they got coming to them. They need to learn a lesson,” Mullinax said.

According to police, the suspects were in town for a different sports tournament.