• Donald Trump receives Georgia's 16 electoral votes

    By: Richard Elliot


    ATLANTA, Ga. - Despite tens of thousands of emails and protests outside the State Capitol asking them to change their vote, all of Georgia’s 16 electors voted for Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States.

    Those electors were selected by the Georgia Republican Party in May and gathered inside the Georgia State Senate chamber to cast their votes. One elector, Baoky Vu, said last month that he could not vote for Trump, so he declined to attend Monday’s meeting, allowing the state GOP to select a new elector. They selected GOP Chairman John Padgett, putting to rest any doubts as to how the vote would go.

    “It’s all over now, so we better hope and pray that Donald Trump makes a great president,” Padgett said. “Because this country needs the work of a great president.”

    Electors complained that they were assailed by email, phone calls and letters begging them to change their votes.


    “We received over 70,000 emails,” said elector Randy Evans. “We were averaging toward the end about 140 phone calls a day. The number of letters was off the scale. So it was clearly a well-funded, well-operated organizational effort.”

    More than 100 demonstrators protested outside the Capitol on Monday morning hoping to change some electors’ minds, though few thought they could.

    “I don’t really think so,” said Travis Towns of LaGrange. “But we have to make our voices heard. That’s what America is all about.”

    The United States Congress will vote to accept the electoral votes Jan. 9. 




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