• Donald Bullock


    VERDICT: RICO: GUILTY, False statements: GUILTY, False swearing: GUILTY

    TOOK SENTENCING DEAL: Five years probation, six months of weekends in jail, a $5,000 fine and 1,500 hours of community service.

    Donald Bullock, former Usher-Collier Heights Elementary Testing Coordinator, was accused of telling three teachers to change answers on CRCT tests in 2009. Investigators say Bullock returned completed test scores to some teachers to make corrections.

    Bullock was the first accused APS test coordinator to face the school system tribunal. He faced termination for allegations he told three teachers to change answers on CRCT tests in 2009. 

    Former teacher Stacy Smith took the stand during Bullock's tribunal, saying Bullock threatened her with her job if she refused to cheat.

    “I’ve lost everything I’ve worked so hard for, for one mistake, and it makes me angry that he can’t just admit to what he did wrong,” Smith said. “I know it’s hard. I wear the scarlet letter every day.”

    Investigators said Bullock returned completed test packets to some teachers to make corrections. Smith resigned after admitting to wrongdoing, but Bullock has denied the charges through his lawyer.

    Bullock faced one count of racketeering, three counts of false statements and writings and one count of false swearing.

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