Dog owner says her pet has a serious skin condition after picking it up from a boarding service

JOHN'S CREEK, Ga. — The dog owner told us her pet has never had a serious skin condition in the past. However, when she picked it up from the kennel, it had red skin lesions across its body.

“We left him off a perfectly normal dog, and then he came back with burns and raw skin,” said owner Elizabeth Miller.

Miller said her dog, Wiz, is still suffering.

She said she dropped it off at Petsuites Pet Boarding service for a week while on vacation. When she returned to pick it up, there were alarming marks on Wiz’s skin.

“We believe it was a chemical that they were using that made him have all this awful skin infection. That caused all of this,” said Miller.

Miller said her vet came to a similar conclusion when she took Wiz in for an exam.

“She said maybe they are using a chemical, and they didn’t like get rid of it like they should of,” said Miller.

Petsuites of America is a nationwide chain boarding, grooming and pet training center.

Miller said she called the John’s Creek center to talk to someone about what may have happened to her dog.


“They said, ‘We just switched chemicals. We have been using a new chemical, and that could have affected him. And we will pay for his immediate pet bills, but anything else would need further investigation,’” said Miller.

Miller said the treatment for her dog’s skin burns might include laser therapy that could run into the thousands of dollars. She said it’s heartbreaking to see what Wiz is going through.

“This is uncomfortable and something that could have been completely avoided,” said Miller.

A Petsuites regional rep told Channel 2 Action News, “We are truly sorry to hear about Wiz’s skin condition after his stay with us. At this time we have conducted a thorough investigation and have concluded there was no negligence at the resort and all our policies and procedures were properly followed.”