• Disabled man says he was denied riding shopping cart at Walmart

    By: Lauren Pozen


    DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. - A disabled man said early Black Friday shopping turned into a nightmare for him.

    Lonnie George said he has a condition that causes chronic pain in his spine.

    He said he can’t use regular shopping carts, so he relies on electric riding carts to do his shopping. That wasn’t the case when he went to the Walmart in Douglasville.

    “I said, ‘Where are the riding carts?' and he said, ‘Well, sir, I don’t have them out today.’ I said, ‘Why don’t you have them out?’ and he said, ‘We had to put them up because of safety factors,’” George said.


    The man said he asked to speak with a manager and was told the same thing.

    He said no one from the store offered to help him get the things he wanted, so he had to leave.

    “There was a TV I wanted to get and I wasn’t able to get that and some other items,” he said.

    Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen called Walmart and got the following statement from the director of national media relations:

    “No one should be denied a cart. We are looking into the situation and will take any appropriate action.”

    George said he feels like he was given excuses that didn’t add up.

    “People walks through here every day and it might be a little crowded. They got two eyes. They can see,” he said.

    George said he is now considering filing a complaint through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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