• Detectives: Man accused of shooting wife evasive toward cops

    By: Mike Petchenik


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Several Sandy Springs detectives testified Wednesday that a man accused of shooting his wife eight times was evasive and nervous after he learned police considered him a suspect in the shooting.

    Michael Parson faces charges he shot his now ex-wife, Adina, last April outside their apartment on Roswell Road. Adina survived, but is now wheelchair-bound, partially blind, and has trouble speaking.

    "'I'm going to look crazy when all of this is over,'" Detective Derek Williams said Parson told him in an elevator at Grady Memorial Hospital. "'But at least I've cooperated."

    Detectives testified that once Parson learned police were focusing in on him, he slipped out of Grady hospital's ICU through doors meant for personnel, and as an unmarked car followed him, he tried to lose them.

    "He started quickly making lane changes without using his blinker," said Detective Joseph Lane. "It was becoming apparent he didn't want anyone following him."

    Police later caught up with Parson near El Paso, Texas after a traffic stop. Detectives testified they had been tracing his moves through credit card purchases at gas stations.

    Prosecutors also poked holes in Parson's alibi that he was receiving treatment at the VA Hospital in Decatur when his wife was shot. A detective testified that Parson's medical records showed no evidence had cancer, as he had been telling friends and family.

    One of the lead detectives on the case testified that Parson's friend, with whom he had dined on the night of the shooting, initially told police Parson had dropped him off at a MARTA station, but then changed his story to say he had gone with Parson to the VA hospital.

    When police confronted Deontae Robinson with video evidence that a man in the emergency room waiting area was actually Robinson, not Parson, detectives testified he changed his story and admitted he wore Parson's clothes for him and "stood in at the hospital."

    "He said: 'I've been played, used?" questioned prosecutor, Linda Dunikoski of Robinson's statement to police.

    "Yes," replied Detective Ryan Finley.

    Testimony continues today. Check back for updates and for the latest on Channel 2 Action News at 4.

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