• Deputy gets hotel, buys clothes for homeless mother, kids


    By HotTopics.tv

    BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio - A sheriff is applauding one of his deputies for going above and beyond the call of duty for a homeless family.

    According to a Facebook post by the Butler County Sheriff's Office in Ohio, a woman brought her two sons to the sheriff's office to look for help finding housing. She was evicted from her home and was waiting to hear back about housing.

    In the meantime, she had no where to go.

    Deputy Brian Bussell is a 25-year veteran of the office. When he heard the woman's story, he didn't hesitate to step up. Deputy Butler booked a 10-night stay for the family at a nearby hotel out of his own pocket.

    And he didn't stop there.

    He took the family to Walmart and told them to pick out clothes. He said to call him when they were ready to check out. The boys asked if they could get shoes, and he said they absolutely could. He paid for everything with his own money.

    "This is a true act of kindness," said Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

    Deputy Butler didn't even tell anyone at the office about what he had done. Instead, the mother snapped a photo of Deputy Butler and posted it to Facebook. Someone who saw the photo called the Sheriff's Office to let them know the kindness of one of their own.

    "This speaks volumes in light of all the recent negativity people are saying about law enforcement," said Sheriff Jones. "I have some of the best employees here.”

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