Deputies searching for man, woman accused of peeping into people's homes

Deputies said they?€™ve been searching the area for the two, but haven?€™t found them.??

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — Authorities say they’re searching for two people who they say are prowling around a metro Atlanta neighborhood.

The Paulding County Sheriff's Office told Channel 2's Audrey Washington they were alerted by neighbors about a man and a woman "wandering aimlessly" in the yards of people's homes in the Jackson Farms area.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Ashley Henson said that one neighbor confronted the duo, but they ran into a nearby wooded area.

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Deputies said they’ve been searching the area for the two, but haven’t found them.


Neighbors said they’re frightened and don’t know what to do.

“We’re all on the watch," Lesko said.

Lesko gave us a picture a neighbor snapped of the strange man who keeps peeping through windows.

“They saw him snooping in and dancing around in front of the house," she said.

Just about a week ago, Lesko caught that woman creeping around her backyard.

“I walked out and coughed to let her know, I’m here and acknowledge me and the lady turned around and went back into the woods," Lesko said.

“If you’re sitting there doing dishes and there’s an individual in your backyard that you don’t know, that’s going to cause alarm," Henson said.

Paulding County sheriff's deputies say they’ve gotten a number of reports about the prowlers. So far, no pictures of the woman, but Bonnie Brady spotted her right outside her yard.

“She was walking up here one night and I didn’t recognize her so she said, 'Good evening,' and I said, 'Good evening,' because I didn’t know what was going on," Brady said.

Brady said she doesn’t know why the two keep returning to the area. She said at first she was annoyed but now she’s scared. She found out the man peeped in on her neighbor’s teen daughter.

“She woke up and thought she was dreaming and then she looked up and saw a heavyset the man," she said.

Deputies said the man and woman have not broken into any homes. They just keep walking the neighborhood and peeping through windows.