Police: Woman missing after boyfriend accused of killing man with special needs

Police: Woman missing after boyfriend accused of killing man with special needs

Deputies searching for girlfriend of driver accused of killing man with special needs

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — Family members say the girlfriend of a man accused of hitting and killing a man with special needs is still with him and may be in danger.

Witnesses said Anderson chased after Marshall in his truck as Marshall walked home in Newton County and ran him over.

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Marshall died at the scene. Anderson sped away, police said.

Now, family members say Kendra Browning, Anderson's girlfriend, is missing.

Family members told Channel 2 Action News that they are worried about her safety.


Deputies said Browning left with Anderson willingly and they don't have a reason to think she is in trouble.

But family members said Browning didn't know about the alleged hit-and-run at the time and are worried she could be in danger.

Police said Friday that Anderson is considered to be armed and dangerous.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with information on where Anderson and Browning may be to contact them.


On Friday, Channel 2's Tom Jones talked to Marshall's heartbroken mother, who said her son had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the mind of a 13-year-old.

Robbie Marshall said her son wouldn't hurt a fly.

"He wasn't doing anything! He was on his way home," Robbie Marshall said. "He was such a sweet boy. He wouldn't harm nobody."

Robbie Marshall said the coroner told her that her son died on impact.

Joyce Canup saw the collision.

"I bet (Anderson) was going 100," Canup said. "He hit the guy, and when he hit him, he flew up over the truck."

Jones also talked to Kendra Browning's sister, who said Anderson was at her home before the crash.

"I'm sorry I couldn't make them stop fighting," she  said. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect him from being hurt."

The sister said Anderson thought Marshall disrespected him.

"And then the next thing I know, I heard a boom, and I thought he wrecked his truck," she said. "When I got down there, that kid was laying on the ground."

Robbie Marshall said it wasn't like her son to get in fights.

"He said that he was being disrespectful," Robbie Marshall said. "Kevin's never been disrespectful to anyone."

Robbie Marshall said she wants Anderson caught and put behind bars.

"I want him to be punished for what he's done to my son," Robbie Marshall said. "Because to me, that is premeditated murder."

Robbie Marshall is disappointed it took the Newton County Sheriff's Office until Friday to put out a "be on the lookout" for Anderson.

She had a simple message for her son's accused killer.

"Turn yourself in," Robbie Marshall said. "If you weren't guilty, why did you run?"

Anderson faces charges of first-degree vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle and hit-and-run.

He was last seen in a 2001 extended cab Toyota Tacoma with Georgia tag DFG633. Police said he is considered armed and dangerous.