Deputies say satellite TV installer stole from customers

Channel 2's Carl Willis Reports

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — A Coweta County woman says she was supposed to have satellite TV installed in her home but instead, she was robbed of irreplaceable family jewelry.
"I opened my jewelry box and I was like, 'Oh my God,'" said Regina Tauro about the moment her missing jewelry wasn't misplaced, but stolen.
Among the items was a bracelet that belonged to her 15-year-old daughter Danielle, who died in a car crash 18 years ago.
"I just want my daughter's bracelet back," Tauro told Channel 2's Carl Willis. "Just give me the bracelet back. Not going to happen."
The man behind that heartbreaking theft is 35-year-old Jason Alicea, according to deputies. They said he was in Tauro's house to install DirecTV service.
He was arrested for the theft at Tauro's house and for stealing another woman's engagement ring.
"Coming in I assume you work for DirecTV. I'm sure a lot of people assume those techs do, but they don't," Tauro said.
DirecTV confirmed Alicea was a contract worker.
In a statement they wrote, "The technician in question worked for SBG Digital, a sub partner of Mastec. As soon as SBG Digital learned of the incident the employee was terminated immediately."
Coweta County investigators say they have subpoenaed all of Alicea's work orders to find out which homes he's visited since July 2014.
Deputies say he received $8,000 from a pawn shop in Carroll County.
"That's a lot of jewelry that people don't realize that's gone or they know it's gone and they can't put together who took it," Tauro said.
Tauro was able to get back her tennis bracelet but says she'd trade it all for her daughter's bracelet.
DirecTV told Willis they require all employees to have extensive background and chemical screening tests.
They say Alicea went through the process and passed.