• Trial for ex-trooper accused of causing deadly crash in recess till Friday

    By: Audrey Washington


    CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - It will be at least two more days before there's a possible verdict for a former state trooper accused of causing a deadly crash.

    The judge overseeing the trial dismissed the jury until Friday at 1 p.m. so he could review the defense's request for a mistrial.

    "I'm needing to do extensive work on this case without the presence of the jury," Judge John Simpson said Wednesday afternoon. 

    Anthony Scott is on trial for a crash that killed Kylie Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Chinchilla, 16, on Highway 27 in Carroll County in 2015.

    Channel 2's Audrey Washington was inside the courtroom where the defense filed a motion for a mistrial for a second time.

    The attorneys for Scott claimed the state failed to disclose crucial evidence about where Lindsey was seated inside the car during the crash. 


    The defense called two investigators to the stand. Those investigators told the court Lindsey could have been leaning on the front console between the two front seats at the point of impact.

    The investigators said that if Lindsey was in that position, it's possible she could have obstructed the driver's view.

    At one point while the jury was still out, the judge asked to see pictures of inside the car. Washington watched as the family of the victims became visibly upset. 

    As of Wednesday, no verdict had been reached in the case against Scott. A jury told Simpson Tuesday they were deadlocked on several charges.

    Scott is charged with second-degree vehicular homicide, two counts of serious injury by vehicle, violating oath of office and one count each of speeding and reckless driving. 

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