• Deliberations to continue Monday in Sneiderman trial


    DECATUR, Ga. - The jury in the Andrea Sneiderman perjury trial has been released for the weekend and will pick up deliberations Monday morning.

    So far, jurors have only asked one question during deliberations, wanting to know if they could receive clips of a videotaped deposition of Sneiderman's mother talking about when her daughter realized Hemy Neuman had killed her husband.

    The judge told the jury that if they wanted to watch the tape, they would have to do so in open court. That hasn't happened yet.

    Sneiderman friend Steffi Miller told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik she has concerns about the jury's fairness after watching the jury while Sneiderman's mother was on the stand.

    "These people were laughing at her. The judge did nothing to stop it. These people were whispering to each other. They write when prosecution is speaking. They put pens down when the defense is speaking. I have a lot of trust in the system and I pray that they are unbiased, but I saw them through jury selection and a lot of them aren't," Miller said.

    Testimony in the case wrapped up Thursday, with attorneys for both sides giving very animated closing arguments.

    Lawyers went after each other and even witnesses as they wrapped up their cases.

    Sneiderman did not testify in court or answer questions afterwards.

    Sneiderman chatted away with her uncle, ignoring Channel 2's Tony Thomas' questions as she left the courthouse Thursday. It had been a long and dramatic day. She was emotional at times as lawyers gave their final arguments to the jury.

    Both defense attorney Tom Clegg and District Attorney Robert James mocked witnesses and each other as they addressed the jury. James yelled at times and even went face-to-face with Sneiderman.

    "They're out there doing the hoochie-coochie," James said talking about Sneiderman and her former boss Hemy Neuman, who was convicted of killing Andrea's husband Rusty Sneiderman.

    "You are a liar," James yelled to Sneiderman.

    "She is a victim, make no mistake," Clegg told the jury.

    Prosecutors said Sneiderman covered up an affair with Neuman and then tried to steer police away from him as a suspect.

    The defense calls it all circumstantial evidence and said the only affair was in Neuman's imagination as he sexually harassed Andrea.

    Sneiderman's attorney aimed most of his anger at star prosecution witness Shayna Citron, Andrea's former friend.

    "I walked out thinking she had checked out of that marriage," Citron testified about Rusty and Andrea's relationship.

    "Andrea has checked out of her marriage. I lay on the sofa, on the ceiling. Wahhh! Honest to goodness, listen to that crap," Clegg said about Citron's testimony.

    The 12 jurors must now decide Sneiderman's guilt or innocence on 13 counts of perjury, making false statements and hindering Neuman's capture.

    "Send her home to her kids. She did not commit a crime," Clegg said at the end of closing arguments.

    James left, saying, "Her words, her lies, her guilt."

    The jury returns at 8:30 a.m. Monday to continue its deliberations.

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    Deliberations to continue Monday in Sneiderman trial