• DeKalb woman says Obamacare website "worth the wait"

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    A DeKalb County woman said even after signing up for health care through the federal website, she's still facing long delays.

    Jeana Melilli knew what to expect when she began the insurance application process through healthcare.gov. She said like being placed on “Internet hold.”

    "I thought it was so much better than the telephone because I could play my own music,” Melilli said.

    Melilli was able to complete the application. Yet, as Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh found out on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, signing in to shop and compare her plan options still required patience. Each time, the wait was about an hour.

    Despite the struggles, Melilli said it was worth the wait.

    Melilli is a freelance flute instructor and musician. For years, she's had no employer-based insurance.

    "One of the biggest concerns I had was going to the doctor and finding out there was something horribly wrong,” she told Kavanaugh. "No one is going to offer me benefits, so for the past 10 years I've bought my own health insurance policy."

    She said her premiums were climbing.

    “You take plans that have huge deductibles so that you can pay less a month,” Melilli said.

    She said the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has opened up 31 policies with lower deductibles and more coverage options. And, she qualifies for a federal subsidy.

    Melilli admitted the website is slow, quirky and questionable. For example, Kavanaugh found an option to register to vote. But Mellili is grateful anyway.

    "I feel a great deal of relief,” Melilli said.

    Melilli is still comparing plans. She recommended anyone shopping the exchange take the time and find the best plan for them.

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