• Husband: Wife hid in closet as robbers invade home


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A DeKalb County man said his wife called him from a closet as men broke into their home.

    The man talked to Channel 2's Ryan Young about the heart-stopping moments that led to a police chase and then an officer-involved shooting Tuesday afternoon.

    James Norwood said he raced home while his wife hid, helpless, in a closet.

    "My wife called me and I could hear it in her voice," Norwood said about the startling phone call his wife made to him.

    "(She said,) 'Someone is breaking in to the house. I'm hiding in the closet.' my immediate response was 'dial 911.' She said 'I already called them they're on their way. Then she went off the phone, then I couldn't get in touch with her anymore."

    Norwood said he jumped in his car to race home. He said the 30-minute ride seemed like an eternity. Norwood was trying to get to his house on Stream Side Court to help his wife.

    "He called me on the phone to say, 'Somebody was breaking into my house, get your gun and get over there,'" said family friend Harry Ramsey.

    Shattered windows remained where the robbers broke in to the home.

    DeKalb police quickly surrounded the home but there was a close call with one robber and Mrs. Norwood.

    "He was in the closet, one of them, when the cops arrived. He didn't see her though. She was hiding behind the door," Norwood said.

    "Other officers came in to do a search of the house. K-9 dogs are in there and they hit on two subjects that they found in the attic of the home," said DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander.

    The last robber took off running and made it a mile down the road before an officer said that robber jumped out from behind a shed and he was forced to shoot him in the arm.

    Norwood told Young, for now, with all the suspects in custody, he has no time for anger.

    "Just fear. The anger comes later," Norwood said. "Anything else can be replaced, but that's my wife."

    The suspect who was shot is expected to be OK. The other two suspects who were caught are currently in the DeKalb County Jail.

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