DeKalb County

Grandson charged in woman's 'highly suspicious' disappearance

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned a man has been charged in his grandmother’s disappearance.

Millicent Williams, 78, was reported missing by her family from her home on Brookgreen Point in DeKalb County. When police searched the home for a welfare check, they found blood inside.

Police said the woman disappeared under “highly suspicious” circumstances.

Her 37-year-old grandson, Gregory Williams, has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and theft by taking in her disappearance.

Police said they saw Gregory Williams driving his grandmother’s car and took him into custody when he pulled into a shopping center near the home around 1 p.m.

Millicent Williams is still missing.

“Our biggest goal right now is to talk to the suspect and try to see if he knows her whereabouts,” DeKalb police Capt. J.A. Lewis said.


Crews searched a nearby park Thursday. Police said they will search new areas Friday morning.

"I don't want to even say the word, but I hope they find her alive," neighbor Garfield Adams said.

Family members said they last spoke to Millicent Williams Sunday. They said Gregory Williams lived with her.

Neighbors said they noticed red flags with Gregory Williams’ behavior.

“He would be screaming, numerous times, out in the middle of the circle here. Praying, yelling, whatever, and my grandkids were afraid of him and came running inside,” neighbor Louis Walker said.

"I've never seen him act violent. I've just seen him do a lot of yelling and screaming and talking to himself," neighbor George Martin said.

Police confirmed that Gregory Williams is a U.S. Army veteran with an honorable discharge.

Neighbors said the house where Millicent and Gregory Williams lived went quiet this week.

"Normally I would hear some kind of noise coming from the backyard. I haven't heard him in a while," Martin said.

Police said their focus is finding Millicent Williams.

“Time is of the essence. We’re already behind the power curve as it is, so by getting him into custody, we can hopefully get some answers to the questions that we have,” Lewis said.

Investigators said Gregory Williams has a lawyer, which will limit their ability to speak with him.