DeKalb County

Witness says father of 3 was trying to stop fight when he was shot, killed

DEKALB COUNTY — A man who witnessed the murder of a father of three wants the man’s family to know their dad did nothing wrong.

Timothy Hill died after another man shot him at a gas station Monday.

Rashan Toodle was just steps away when he says Hill tried to diffuse an argument over a parking space.

“He didn't even give the guys any words back. He said, 'Are you speaking to me? Y'all go ahead with that,’ and proceeded to walk into the store,” Toodle said.

Hill’s brother then walked up and made a comment to the group of guys.

"Timothy is already in the store. He comes and grabs the brother by the shoulder and the back of the neck (and pulled him into the store),” Toodle said. "That's just showing a lot of courage, a lot of bravery and a lot of sense."

Toodle says he thought it was over but the suspect, identified as Aquillous Henderson, 29, and his friends continued to yell, seemingly pumping themselves up.

He says the suspect then walked into the store and shot Hill.

Toodle was already creating an organization to work with the youth in the community to stop incidents like this.

“I want to help our own and as soon as I finish writing in my office, 20 minutes later, I see a man get shot in front of me. That touches home,” Toodle said.

Toodle says Henderson ran right by his car on the way in and passed him on the way out of the shooting.

He's still shaken by the incident, but felt the need to speak out.

He says he wants Hill’s family to know that Hill did not bring the violence upon himself or his brother.

“Because another man wants to validate his ego, another man has to lose his life,” Toodle said. “We need change. We need change."