8-year-old girl dies after she was hit by car crossing street for bus

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Charges are pending for a driver who hit and killed a girl while she was walking to the bus stop with her mother.

The crash happened at Rays Road and Central Drive in DeKalb County. The mother, Dawt Chin Sung, was holding Tluang Tha Men, 8, in her arms when the car struck them.

Friends and relatives told Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes they're still in shock.

“Everyone is praying for them,” a friend said, asking not to be identified.

Close friends and relatives of Tluang gathered at the little girl’s home in Stone Mountain after they heard the horrible news.

“They hit them at the bus stop,” the friend told Fernandes.

Authorities said Sung was carrying her little girl to a bus stop at the corner of Rays Road and Central Drive, which is very close to their home.


Police said they were walking in a crosswalk when a female driver hit them.

Witnesses told police the bus driver put out the stop sign arm but the driver went through the green light at the intersection anyway.

The little girl was killed. Her mother has a serious hip injury.

Investigators told Fernandes they have to recreate the scene and decide if they’re going to charge the driver with a crime or not.

The driver’s relatives told Fernandes that the mother and daughter were not walking in the crosswalk.

“When the accident happened, the lady, she’s not crossing in the crosswalk, she cross in the road,” the driver’s cousin Lung Thawng said.

Police will have the final say on it and the victim’s relatives said they’ll hold their judgment in this case pending the outcome of the investigation.

“If the stop sign was up and hit her, that’s a different story. But if the bus stop wasn’t there, I don’t know what to say about that,” the friend told Fernandes.

Relatives told Fernandes that the 8-year-old victim leaves behind three sisters, one of whom is a newborn.