Angry attendees slam 'disastrous' Atlanta Taco Festival

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The Atlanta Taco Festival was held Sunday at Candler Park -- and some patrons say it was a disaster.  

The event was from 1-7 p.m.
"When we walked in and we saw how long the lines were, we actually had to follow it almost the entire length of the park to get into the back of the line," Erin Camp said.




It was the first-ever Atlanta Taco Festival billed by promoters as the "largest taco competition and celebration" in the East Coast.

"How were the tacos?" Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen asked.  "I wouldn't know,” Camp said. “I didn't get any."

Camp apparently was not the only one -- angry attendees took to Facebook to slam an event they insist was oversold.

"I think they had maybe 15 food trucks and let in 20-thousand people,” Becky Dobras said. “Couldn’t handle it.  And took everybody's money."

A spokesperson admitted there were problems with special wristbands that allowed people to prepay for food and drinks.  Some of them didn't work and long lines were blamed on bad logistics.
The spokesperson says they officially sold 6,504 tickets and that the vendors made 55,000 tacos.  Enough for eight per person.  But apparently none for Dobras.
"I didn't get any tacos," Dobras said.
The spokesman told Petersen the promoter is working on a plan for some refunds -- and promised to donate some of the profits to charity.  We're waiting on the details.