Secret shopper duped into using fake credit cards

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A woman says she was duped into using fake credit cards to buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from area stores. She shipped the loot to the west coast as part of her secret shopper job.

"They trusted me to make these purchases. I would've trusted them to not put me in a place that would change my whole life," said Mary Jackson, of Lithonia. %



She was arrested at an Apple store after following instructions to buy five iPhones and $10,000 in gift cards.

The credit card she used was declined.

"They thought I was trying to steal and I said, 'No, I work for a company as a secret shopper,' and they didn't believe me," she said.

"She got duped into this and I'm very confident it will be resolved in her favor," said defense attorney George Plumides.

Jackson is now facing felony charges. Her bosses no longer answer calls.

"I feel traumatized in a way," she said.