DeKalb County

22-year-old shot, killed in road rage incident plows into house

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned a DeKalb County man killed over a road rage incident was a father of a baby.

Someone shot Cedric Williams on Memorial Drive as he turned onto Columbia Drive. He then crashed his car into a home.

Williams’ 22-month-old son will grow up never knowing his father. His family described him as a caring person and a great dad to the baby boy.

"He's going to be missed,” said Williams’ mother, Grace Williams. “I don't wish that on nobody, yeah he was loved."

His mother said it was her youngest son behind the wheel of the car late Wednesday night.

Williams was shot in the head after he accidentally cut in front of another driver, police said.


Police believe that person was so upset they followed the 22-year-old until they could get close enough to open fire.

“Someone who loses their temper because they got cut off or something else happens and they decide to take it out on other person,” said DeKalb County Police Spokesperson Sheira Campbell.

Williams and his two passengers swerved off the road, striking two cars before slamming into a home.

“That's the day and times we live in,” said Williams’ brother, Frederick Williams. “It happens unfortunately, I lost a brother in this incident."

Police said no one else was injured in the accident. Investigators are still searching for the suspect and the vehicle.

"Canvassing the area looking for surveillance footage,” Campbell.

“You took somebody's son, brother and dad away from them and you have a mother and father and maybe children too, you wouldn't want no body take you from them, so do the right thing so you can sleep at night,” Grace Williams said

Williams' brother said he had just picked up someone from the hospital and was trying to get them home.

Police are talking to witnesses and canvassing the area looking for surveillance video. Call police if you have any information about this crime.