Police searching for man caught exposing himself to kids on their way to school

Police searching for man caught exposing himself to kids on their way to school

LITHONIA, Ga. — Police are searching for a man who is exposing himself to children on the way to and from a local high school.

Parents told Channel 2's Lauren Davis that they want the man caught.

“I saw a guy and he was playing with himself,” said Aaron Johnson, who witnessed the man in the act.

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Police say the man was exposing himself to girls on Phillips Street walking to and from Lithonia High School.

“I can’t believe a grown man is out here doing this. I was upset,” Johnson said.


Johnson said his 15-year-old daughter saw the man twice -- once two months ago around 7 a.m. and again Tuesday afternoon.

He posted the video to Facebook and another neighbor reported that her daughter also witnessed the man.
"He's still out here doing his thing. It's just horrifying," Johnson said.

Johnson said he went to the house where it’s been happening on Tuesday, thinking the man lived there, but a woman at the home, who asked not to be identified, was just as surprised to find out what had happened.

She also caught the man in the act.

“He opened my gate and exposed himself to her. I’m sick to my stomach. I haven’t been able to sleep,” the woman said.

Now the woman has put up a camera pointing straight at the fence and armed herself.

“I don’t know if he’s been looking through my window because I’m being told it’s been going on for two months now,” the woman said.

Police have been canvassing the area looking for the man.

“I just want them to do their job and catch this guy. Get him off the street. We want the girls to be safe,” Johnson said,

He told Davis that his daughter is now going to another school.

The other woman told Davis that her son heard someone in her backyard when taking out the trash and her daughter thought she saw someone staring in at her.