• Police arrest man wanted for kidnapping after tip from his Tinder date

    By: Matt Johnson


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A Texas father who was wanted for kidnapping was arrested in Alpharetta after police acted on a tip from his Tinder date, authorities said.

    Authorities in Grayson County, Texas had issued an arrest warrant for Nathaniel James in November for the alleged kidnapping of his own 4-year-old daughter. He was arrested Friday at an Alpharetta hotel and his daughter was reunited with her mother.

    A woman first alerted two DeKalb County police officers last Friday afternoon that James may be wanted for kidnapping.

    "Whenever I'm dating somebody, I have to find out information," said the woman, who asked to speak anonymously. "The biggest fear was when I searched him and found out the little girl was missing."

    When she made the discovery, she was having lunch at Mamie's Kitchen in Lithonia. Two police officers happened to be inside the restaurant and she approached them with her concerns. They confirmed that James was a wanted man.

    The officers arranged for the woman to coordinate a meet-up location with James so that officers could move in and arrest him, but James backed out at the last minute, police said.

    Officers were able to ping James' phone and they coordinated his arrest with Alpharetta police.

    The DeKalb County police officers, Capt. Donnie James and Officer Emmitt Jenkins, said the sight of pictures of the girl back with her mother was overwhelming.

    “I was elated,” Jenkins said. “It was the greatest moment of my life.”

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