Phone app to help homeowners share crime video with police

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The company behind Ring doorbell security cameras has developed a new app that allows homeowners to share surveillance video almost instantly with police.

"It's a way for community members and law enforcement members to share real time crime and safety information whether you own a ring camera or not," said Dunwoody Police Sgt. Robert Parson.

We're looking in to concerns about thieves hacking your information -- or how companies could potentially use your doorbell camera footage to their advantage, Monday at 6 p.m. on Channel 2 Action News. 

Dunwoody is the first police agency in the state to begin use of the Neighbors App. People can log on and share video with police, their neighbors and others to help catch offenders quickly.

Police can also reach out to homeowners to find out if they may have useful video in an area where a crime was committed.


"We can't see which houses have Ring cameras, but we can tell how many cameras are in a certain area, and we can request a geo fence that allows us to request all the videos in a time frame in regards to a criminal investigation," Parsons said.

People who live and work in Dunwoody said it's a great way to leverage app technology for public safety.

"It definitely provides another set of eyes and ears that police might not otherwise have. That's definitely helpful," said neighbor Bianca Ford.

Dunwoody police say they cannot access video without permission of the camera owner.