Person who shot 12-year-old on the run; Family demands 'justice, answers'

Person who shot 12-year-old on the run; Family demands 'justice, answers'

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The person who shot a 12-year-old girl in the neck remains on the run, and her family is desperate for answers.

Latrice Cannon told Channel 2's Tom Jones that her daughter, Layla, has had four surgeries since the random shooting last week in DeKalb County.

“This is heartbreaking,” Cannon said.

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Cannon said her daughter still has a long road to recovery, and they’re hoping the shooter will be caught soon.

“I think we just want justice and we just want answers. Somebody knows something, that’s for sure,” Cannon said. “Somebody knows something, and they need to speak up.”


Cannon and Layla’s father, Jantzen Kendall, told Jones the four surgeries have taken their toll.

“We really just want to get these guys off the street,” Kendall said.

Cannon said her daughter has been heavily sedated and unable to help police.

“She knows what happened, but they have her pretty sedated,” Cannon said.

Layla’s family is hoping the shooter or shooters are caught before she’s released from the hospital.

“It will put us at ease. But not only that, it will put her at ease,” Kendall said.


Layla was at a friend’s house on Pate’s Lake Way on Thursday playing games and cooking.

Police said someone banged on the door and then someone fired multiple shots into the home. One of the shots hit Layla in the neck.

Cannon said she thinks the home was targeted.

“I believe there was a motive and I believe the teenagers that live there know something,” Cannon said.

Police said the shooter or shooters left in a dark-colored BMW.