Power restored to 400+ customers after trees fall along Briarcliff Road

Power restored to 400+ customers after trees fall along Briarcliff Road

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The power is back on in a DeKalb County neighborhood after two large trees fell and ripped down power lines.

The trees fell early Thursday morning along Briarcliff Road between Fisher Trail and Crestline Drive.

The fallen trees caused a huge headache for people not only living in the neighborhood, but also for those who had to drive through the area.

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"It was a pretty exciting way to wake up in the morning for sure," neighbor Tom Longo told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen. "There was a big boom and then the next thing you know there's flashes of light."

Dekalb County Fire told Pozen when the trees fell, it brought down poles and power lines with it.

“Thankfully, nobody was hurt. it happened at the right time early in the morning best time for it to happen," said Capt. Dion Bentley, with DeKalb County Fire Rescue.


Over 400 people were left without power and internet.

“I can’t do my job. I am going to meet one of my coworkers over here to pick me up, so I can get to work,” Longo said.

Longo said there were some close calls for drivers before emergency crews got there to close off the road.

“They come over this hill and next thing you know the tree is there and they were slamming on their breaks, sliding,” Longo said.

He and his son came up with a plan.

“He pulled his car up with his lights on so people could see him and I was out here flashing with my phone light to try to stop people,” Longo said.

Bentley told Pozen the reason why the trees fell was most likely from the ground being really wet from last week's rain.