NFL player arrested after drunken argument outside Chamblee night club, police say

CHAMBLEE, Ga. — Seattle Seahawks rookie defensive tackle Malik McDowell is facing charges in Dekalb County after police say he was drunk and out of control outside a nightclub.

Police said that, on Sunday at 2 a.m., at SL Lounge on Buford Highway, McDowell claimed a club staff member stole $600 from him.

The police report said McDowell’s friends told him that no one stole his money. But, police said, those friends couldn’t calm him down.

A female Chamblee police officer stepped in, and she said, when  McDowell got aggressive with her, she put her hand on her stun gun.


She reported that McDowell said to her, “You scared of me? Why you got that out? You scared of me, huh? Yes, you are! Please tell me why you scared of me? Why are you even a cop if you so scary?"

Police charged McDowell with disorderly conduct. Some residents in the area said they hope Seahawks officials discipline McDowell, but they don’t want him to lose his job.

“Now, you want to come to Atlanta and spend your money and have a good time at one of our establishments, great. Have fun. Just act like a normal person. It’s ridiculous. They use the NFL for clout as a badge to say, 'I’m above the law,'” said Alex Cross.