DeKalb County

New reward offered to help find missing woman

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Almost two months after their daughter’s disappearance, a new reward is being offered for information that will help find her.

Jenna Van Gelderen was last seen in August at her parent's home in DeKalb County.

Roseanne Glick and her husband Leon were out of town and Jenna, was house sitting when she disappeared.

“Everything stopped, it just stopped,” Roseanne Glick said.

No social media, no cellphone pings… they immediately knew something was wrong.

Jenna Van Gelderen graduated from Gwinnett Tech in 2016.

“She was supposed to meet somebody here and our son had come over here. She wasn’t here,” Roseanne Glick said. “Found the TV on, lights on, and there’s been no activity on her accounts since that Saturday.

Atlanta police found Jenna’s car September 5. It was out of gas, and her suitcase and other belongings were still inside.


Her family said Jenna is on the spectrum, so it’s harder for her to read people that may want to do her harm. They are concerned she may have gotten caught up with the wrong person, now they are asking for the public's help.

“We need people to come forward who know where Jenna was the 18th of August, Saturday the 19th,” Roseanna Glick said.

A total of $17,000 is being offered to help find Jenna, which includes $7,000 from Crimestoppers.