Terrifying doorbell video shows man with gun at two homes, police say

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Two doorbell video cameras in DeKalb County show the same man with a gun trying to break into two different homes, police said.

Police are now searching for the man, who neighbors said has also tried to break into other homes in the area.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was on Porter Road, where neighbors say they are now scared in their quiet neighborhood.

Video shows the man bare-chested, walking up to a home and opening a screen door. He pauses for a few seconds before giving up and walking away.

Washington talked to the homeowner, who said he got an alert on his Nest app and saw the terrifying footage of the man at his front door Monday.

Steve Martineau said the man ignored the sign on the door and seemed to be under the influence.

"The signs says, 'Smile, you're on camera,' and he didn't seem to care," Martineau said.

Martineau said the man tried to force the door open before he eventually took off. The man then broke into one neighbor's car and another's truck, Martineau said.

"I believe he went to every house on my street," Martineau said.

A second video shows the same man two hours later, armed and at another person's front door in the Avondale Estates neighborhood, Martineau said.

Washington got the video of that attempted break-in, too. For the second time, he also couldn't get in to the home and walked away.

Washington spoke to Renaldo Moore, who leads the neighborhood watch. Moore said he alerted police and other people in the community.

"Hopefully, DeKalb County will catch him," Moore said.


Moore is urging anyone who spots the man not to approach him, but to call 911 right away.

Martineau said he wants the man to stop terrorizing his neighborhood.

"This behavior is unacceptable," Martineau said. "We have a great neighborhood, you know? I don't want this behavior in our neighborhood."

It's unclear if the break-in attempts were targeted or random.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes the man to contact them.